Learn mathematics through play, exploration and creative works

PlayFACTO is a professional Mathematics manipulative program for kindergarten and elementary school, where children build creative and critical thinking through 136 manipulative games.

PlayFACTO manipulative games consists of 5 main categories, 10 themes, 136 games and more than thousand ways to play.

Whereas, PlayFACTO Kids is a professional manipulative learning program for early childhood mathematics based on storytelling approach. It raises ability of
creative thinking while playing around.

PlayFACTO Kids has a customized set for your child, according to the stage of growth and development.

PlayFACTO is designed to enable children learning maths by separating areas of study into 5 categories:

  • Number & operation

  • Figures

  • Patterns

  • Classification

  • Measurement


  • Easily linked to any mathematics

  • Engaging (maintain interest)

  • Open ended (allows for multiple approaches & solutions)

  • Enhances number & operation sense

  • Promote positive attitudes towards math

  • Trial & error

  • Apply the strategy, solving with a simpler problem

  • Spatial reasoning – imagination of front, side & top view

  • Sequential reasoning

  • Find new pattern and apply logic to solve the problem


  • Pre schoolers (aged 2.5 to 5)

  • Pre-standard 1 (aged 6)

  • Primary school (aged 7 to 12)

  • Private & International school (aged 7 to 12)