Learn mathematics through play, exploration and creative works

PlayFACTO is a professional Mathematics manipulative program for kindergarten and elementary school, where children build creative and critical thinking through 136 manipulative games.

PlayFACTO manipulative games consists of 5 main categories, 10 themes, 136 games and more than thousand ways to play.

Understand the base-10 numeral system by placing number chips in different positions, and enhance number recognition by comparing and estimating the chips. Through activities that involve completing the correct expression, you can master the concept and understand the relationships among the four fundamental arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Through the process of finding patterns of numbers up to 100, you can enhance number recognition and learn numbers and number sequences up to 100.
This game is designed to foster players’ competitiveness so that they will voluntarily participate in learning mental calculation and numeracy skills.
You can create endless objects with pieces of various shapes without possessing a sophisticated knowledge of math by engaging in continuous fitting activities, which help to develop a rich imagination as well as spatial perception. You also can enhance your thinking and reasoning skills and aesthetic perception through a repeated process of constructing new shapes.
You can enhance your sense of space by observing plane figures from different angles and recognizing changes in shape and size. Creating provided shapes in many different ways helps to develop spatial reasoning and spatial perception.
Enhance your sense of space through fun
building block activities!
Through the process of assembling small pieces of solid figures to create various new, shapes of solid figures, you can develop your reasoning skills and sense of space.
True-False is a game where you guess the condition of the mission card after observing the characteristics of the sorted chips. You can develop your intuition, thinking ability, and logical reasoning ability.
Build your critical thinking skills and logical reasoning skills by discovering rules in various patterns.
The kit helps you to learn measurements and to compare length, width, area, weight, and volume and will improve your problem-solving skills.
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Whereas, PlayFACTO Kids is a professional manipulative learning program for early childhood mathematics based on storytelling approach. It raises ability of 
creative thinking while playing around.

PlayFACTO Kids has a customized set for your child, according to the stage of growth and development.

PlayFACTO is designed to enable children learning maths by separating areas of study into 5 categories:

  • Number & operation

  • Figures

  • Patterns

  • Classification

  • Measurement


  • Easily linked to any mathematics

  • Engaging (maintain interest)

  • Open ended (allows for multiple approaches & solutions)

  • Enhances number & operation sense

  • Promote positive attitudes towards math

  • Trial & error

  • Apply the strategy, solving with a simpler problem

  • Spatial reasoning – imagination of front, side & top view

  • Sequential reasoning

  • Find new pattern and apply logic to solve the problem


  • Pre schoolers (aged 2.5 to 5)

  • Pre-standard 1 (aged 6)

  • Primary school (aged 7 to 12)

  • Private & International school (aged 7 to 12)


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