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The worldwide recognised program - PlayFACTO".

PlayFACTO Kids which is an early childhood program specialising in helping young kids learn maths subconsciously through the use of unique Korean learning tools. The program uses high quality wooden manipulatives and workbooks to assist children in understanding basic mathematics concept and functions.


When Ms. Cindy was looking for enrichment classes to help her son who was struggling with basic maths concept that she stumbled upon the PlayFACTO program and found it to be very beneficial to kids’ development. She decided to bring this program to her centre so that she could help other parents and kids with similar struggles.

PlayFACTO is a fun and interesting program where it makes the whole learning experience very interactive. For kids age 2.5 - 5 years old, they are being introduced to maths concepts and functions using story-telling, pretend play, songs and rhymes and constructive play.


What’s interesting is classes usually begin with a story telling, it raises curiosity in the child. Children are more engaged with the characters in the stories and stories are brought to life when combined with the use of matching manipulatives, triggering their creativity and imagination. On top of that, there are exclusive workbooks that are fun to work on and children will no longer dread learning maths. Instead they’ll enjoy and embrace a positive attitude towards learning.

PlayFACTO focus in learning mathematics effectively and developing brain connection through play, exploration and creative works. PlayFACTO create active and memorable learning experiences for children in math. The well designed manipulates and engage children through activities to do mathematics, while at the same time having fun together, and encouraging more positive attitudes toward mathematics.


Just give your children authentic, real world experiences where learning can be take place naturally. Good, child centered maths games are much more appropriate and engaging than workbooks, dittos or even flashcards.


PlayFACTO is designed to enable children learning maths by separating areas of study into 5 categories:

  • Number & operation

  • Figures

  • Patterns

  • Classification

  • Measurement


Suitable for:

  • Pre schoolers ( 2.5 – 5 year old)

  • Pre- standard 1 ( 6 years old)

  • Primary school ( 7 – 12 years old)

  • Private & international schoold ( 7 -12 years old)


Why PlayFACTO?

  • Easily linked to any mathematics

  • Engaging ( maintain interest)

  • Open ended ( allows for multiple approaches & solutions)

  • Enhances number & operation sense

  • Promote positive attitudes towards math

  • Trial & error

  • Apply the strategy, solving with a simpler problem

  • Spatial reasoning – imagination of front, side & top view

  • Sequential reasoning

  • Find new pattern and apply logic to solve the problem


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