Bricks 4 Kidz

We Learn, We Build, We Play with LEGO® Bricks

With Bricks 4 Kidz, we learn, we build, and we play with LEGO® Bricks! We use LEGO® products to provide a fun, hands-on learning and building experience focused on STEM concepts. The goal of Bricks 4 Kidz is to provide a learning experience for children that encourages critical thinking, creativity, organizational skills, problem-solving, and teamwork.



Each model provides kids with a new scientific vocabulary. Lessons that focus on topics such as laws of motion, employ the concept of physical science, requiring children to apply what they’ve learned to their build.


Technology implements the use of science to invent and problem solve. Children use their creativity and analytical skills to discover viable solutions to problems presented at the start of each lesson.


Engineering uses the practical application of science to design and create. Although they may not realize it, kids use engineering skills to construct models, such as bridges, towers and roller coasters.


Children are given the opportunity to invariably utilize math skills as they estimate, count, measure and build with LEGO® Bricks.


Our programs provide an extraordinary at atmosphere for students to build unique creations, play games, and have loads of fun using LEGO® Bricks.


  • Reinforce science, technology. Engineering and math concepts

  • Develop an appreciation for how things work

  • Build self-confidence and problem solving skills

  • Foster teamwork and collaboration

  • Spark imagination

  • Provide a safe, enriching environment to create and play


  • Age 2.5 to 4  - LEGO® Duplo®

  • Age 5  - LEGO® bricks

  • Age 6 to 13  - LEGO® Technic project kits


  • Bricks 4 Kidz's themed birthday party at our centre (for 1 year old onwards)