Our programs and events are designed to provide children with a wide range of developments, including innovative, creativity, logical thinking and problem-solving skills.  


In School Programs

PowerBricks Kidz conducts after school programs in numbers of pre-schools, where interested students will sign up our program in the school. Our instructors will be teaching in the school as scheduled.


After School Programs

PowerBricks Kidz conducts after school programs in our centre located in Puchong, where parents send their kids over after school. We keep the class small with less than 10 students in a class to ensure every kids benefited from what they are learning in class.


Birthday Parties

PowerBricks Kidz CODING themed birthday parties are affordable and full of fun. The kids and parents just love them.


STEAM Development

CODING (MINECRAFT) are excellent tools as part of our World of Robotics' STEM education, which aims to sculpture tomorrow’s engineers, innovators and the embracers of modern technology.


Holiday Camps

PowerBricks Kidz organises theme-based CODING holiday programs for our in-house students and public each school break. The holiday camps are very popular, where kids are truly have fun.


Private Sessions

PowerBricks Kidz offers private lessons at peoples homes for special events such as holiday vacations or regular CODING sessions. The organizers who contract with PowerBricks Kidz, invite their kids friends.